White Coolmax Breeches with Silicone seat grip. Sizes 6 to 28 – Plum Tack

White Coolmax Breeches with Silicone seat grip. Sizes 6 to 28

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These CoolMax breeches are cool and light. Perfect for those Spring/Summer competitions

In white these beautiful breeches are perfect for a wide range of weather conditions. CoolMax fibres are breathable and moisture wicking keeping you cool, dry and comfortable, they work as hard as you do. The fabric is soft, light and durable. Four way stretch allows them move with you effortlessly. 

Silicone seat grip gives you extra security in the saddle, while still allowing you the movement you need. Sports comfort technology, in stylish and affordable breeches. 

Machine washable, these don't hold onto the marks. Coming up clean, comp after comp. 

Info on the CoolMax fibers

Developed by DuPont Textiles (now Invista) CoolMax was designed for use in clothing which would be used during extreme physical exercise. Unlike other fibres, CoolMax fibres aren’t round. They’re slightly oblong shaped in cross-section with grooves running lengthwise along the threads, this allows moisture/liquid to be drawn away quickly from the skin. The moisture wicks through the fabric via these channels and out to a wider surface area for a greater evaporation rate. Keeping you feeling cool and dry. 

  • Lightweight
  • Technical fabric 
  • Belt loops
  • Resistant to fading and wrinkling
  • Machine washable
  • Fast drying
  • Silicone grip