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Move Closer Stay Longer


Has fear sucked the fun out of riding and being with your horse?

It's easy to feel that you are on your own, that nobody else has ever dealt with this kind of fear.

The truth is, lot's of us have had paralysing fear. Including me. When I came back to horses after an injury, I went from a comfortable, competent rider to tears of frustration because I just could not make myself mount.

This book helped me to understand my fear, what it was and where it was coming from, and because it is about horses it felt real to me. It gave me the strategies I needed to get back to the place where riding was Fun again.

This book is the reason I am still riding and enjoying my horses, and I am really happy to be able to offer it here. 

From the Cover

This is a story about fear.

This is a true story of Stephanie Burns' adventures learning how to play with and ride horses. 

It is about understanding one's behavior and working with it to your best benefit. Fear is not the problem. It is responsible for your safety and ultimately your survival. The problem is an inability or lack of willingness to take action.

The combination of the bravery strategy MOVE CLOSER STAY LONGER and the motivation strategies Stephanie presents in this book will enable you to interrupt the mechanisms that fear uses to interfere with the actions you want to take. 

This conceptualization of bravery as a strategy may help some of you when fear is the cause for potential failure. You should have every opportunity to get what you want, do what you want to do and go where you want to go. 


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