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Men's Breeches in CoolMax Black with silicone grip seat

It’s hard to know who to speak to when describing a pair of riding breeches for men.

Him, who will be wearing them and therefore benefitting from the comfortable fit and useful pockets.

Or the woman in his life, who let’s face it, is possiably the one reading this and making the order!

So, we’ll do both.


Our popular Coolmax breeches are available in black for men. They have enough give and a flattering fit to cover your bulging… wallet, and are made from sports car technology – sorry; sports comfort technology that only a real man would understand.

Coolmax material fibres are slightly oblong-shaped instead of the round shape of other fibres and have grooves running lengthwise along the threads. This allows moisture to be drawn into them away from the skin, then it’s wicked through the fabric and out to a wider surface area, where it can evaporate so you’re left feeling cool and dry. But you knew all that anyway.


These Coolmax breeches for men are affordable, easy to clean and have a flattering fit so you won’t be embarrassed by what he's wearing when riding with your man (…if you were…if you weren’t, buy him some anyway!)

  • Available in 24” to 42” – for men
  • They’re lightweight – perfect for summer riding
  • They’re machine washable – they don’t hold onto marks so they look like new every time
  • They’re durable – and resistant to fading and wrinkling
  • They have belt loops – pair with your favourite belt for even more style
  • They’re fast drying – so even if it rains on show day, you’ll dry quickly
  • They have silicone grip – extra security on excitable mounts

They’re Coolmax – so you know you’ll stay cool and dry even on the hottest days