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Bootleg Denim riding jeans with phone pockets, choose your length and silicone option

Size Guide
Silicone grip seat
Leg Length

Can't quite imagine yourself in breeches? Love denim? Then you're going to love our Equestrian Jeans.

Bootleg denim horse riding jeans, all the everyday comfort of jeans, with the riding comfort of a pair of jods. 

Have them your length

Standard leg length is 32" measured from crotch to hem.

Shorter leg length is 29" measured from crotch to hem. 

Longer leg length is 35" measured from crotch to hem. 

Have them your way

You choose if you want the silicone seat grip that gives you extra security in the saddle without gripping so hard you can't rise to the trot. 


We get it, not everyone loves silicone, so you have the choice. If the idea of riding with a silicone seat makes you roll your eyes so hard it hurts  - Just select the Zero silicone option, we can still be friends. 

Pockets, yes phone pockets! Because we carry our phones Everywhere, and we need them to be safe and easily accessible. 

As usual, these are available in sizes 6 to 28. 

Four-way stretch denim provides total freedom of movement, and they're 95% cotton, so perfect for those with sensitive skin. Comfortable, stylish, tough, and durable.

The width of the bootleg is approx.: Size 6-10, 22cm. Size 12- 14, 23cm. Size 16 -18, 23.5cm Size 20 - 28, 24cm. (These measurements can vary slightly because our clothing is sewn by humans). 

And if you're thinking "These are good, but I wish they were in black denim" they are, right here Black Equestrian Jeans 


  • With or without silicone grip seat
  • Two phone pockets
  • Usable good sized front jeans style pockets
  • Choose your leg length
  • 95% cotton
  • Machine washable, because, well, horses! 



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 132 reviews

    Love these so much I now have 3 pairs. Great fit and very comfortable


    Comfy and great pocket for phone. Sticky but has saved me once or twice

    Tracy O.
    Really Comfy

    Great looking, quality jeans that actually fit, thank you. I love the choices available, as I am neither tall or slender and like the 'sticky bum'. Very happy and they are just damn comfortable, cheers.

    Lis Cassey

    Super comfortable, fit well especially at the waist, good stretch but doesn’t go loose, grips very well and the phone pocket is handy. I used the measurements and got an 18 and they fit fine

    Jane Stephens
    Comfortable enough to wear after your ride

    I was really impressed with my new riding jeans. My only negative is the waistband/clasp was a bit uncomfortable in the size 20, and dug into my belly until I lost another 3kg. Other than that, they are great. There is heaps of freedom sitting on the horse and comfortable enough to keep on after a ride.
    The sizing chart really needs to be fixed on the website, I nearly bought a size 26!