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Think about this for a moment. What if we decided as a community, that the only horses worth having were thoroughbreds, and not just any thoroughbreds but only ones that are race-fit?

You don't have to have much of an imagination to see this would be really destructive. Even for people who have thoroughbreds as their favourite breed. So why is it that as a society we present the idea that women should fit one particular body shape to be valued?

The Shetland pony, Quarter horse, Clydesdale, and one of my personal favourites, the Standardbred are all very different in body shape, size, height, and look, they have variations in ability and temperament. And yet, they all have their passionate fans, who spend their lives dedicated to their favourite breed.

No horse lover would walk into a paddock with half a dozen assorted breeds of horses and only say hello to their favourite breed. No, they are all valued, no breed is really considered to be "less than," just different. And the beauty of the Thoroughbred can be enjoyed without diminishing the beauty of the Welsh Mountain pony.

We understand that our horses naturally come with different body shapes and sizes, that's expected and accepted, and considered to be normal. And then as a society, we apply a completely bonkers standard of beauty to women. No matter what the advertising material tells you, there is no magic pill, potion, exercise routine, or anything else that will change a Welsh Cob or an Icelandic horse into a Thoroughbred. And really, why would we want that?!

Let's celebrate our differences, and cheer each other on!

At Plum Tack, we're proud to celebrate individuality and diversity, just like passionate horse lovers celebrate their favourite breeds. We believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and we are all unique and damn fabulous in our own way. And we all deserve to be valued. 

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