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What's it like to own a young horse?
I was approached with this question and my first thought was challenging! But it then made me dig a little deeper into how I really feel about it, and experience it.
I've worked with a lot of young horses before, more so on the ground, but I have found it to be a whole different ball game having my own, and starting one from scratch, sending to the breakers, and continuing on.
We've definitely had our ups and downs, challenges and time restraints. Times of being afraid of the 'what if', or simply not having confidence in myself. But then at some stage or another, with time, patience, and work, you get passed these obstacles! And is such a rewarding experience. When I've been down and doubted us as a team, I've had a lot of people support me, and most say just how rewarding it is to have a young horse and don't give up. And I must say, even though we have a long way to go, it definitely is.
If there's one thing having a young horse has taught me, it's taught me about me. She's been my teacher. And I know she will make me a better person, and rider by the end of it.
You need to be 'in the moment', and 'present', listen to the horse, be patient and understanding. To calm ourselves in the moment of fear and anxiety. Breathe.
Ride and work with the horse, not against.
You learn new skills as a horseman, but also there's a lot of LIFE skills that she is teaching me, that will make me a better person.

I can't wait for our future together, and I think the blood, sweat and tears, definitely tears! Will be all worth it.

If you're living in the past, you're depressed.
If you're living in the future, you're anxious.
If you live in the present, you're at peace.

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