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Bamboo breeches in Brown. Available in sizes 6 to 28 - Final run out, Last sizes

Bamboo blend breeches, with phone pockets!

Available in sizes 6 to 28

The bamboo blend material gives a silky feel that is pure luxury, and the four way stretch ensures they move with you. 

Euro sock leg, so no Velcro or fasteners to contend with. 

The benefits of bamboo are now well known. Bamboo fibres are significantly more absorbent and more breathable than even the finest cotton. Bamboo has fantastic thermal qualities, so is comfortable to wear in any weather. Bamboo fibres hold their shape and colour particularly well. They have anti-microbial properties helping you stay smelling fresher for longer, and they are easy to wash, just pop them in the washing machine (-40 degrees). 

They also dry incredibly quickly, so if you get caught in the rain, you don't end up cold and wet all day. 

The silicone seat grip gives you that extra security in the saddle, without restricting your movement. 

High quality finish and twin needle detail.  

Material is 62% nylon, 32% bamboo and 6% spandex